The mediator and divorce specialist for expats.

What can you expect from Divorce Specialist Amsterdam?

  • ADR registered divorce specialist
  • Customization for your new financial situation
  • Support in making agreements about the children
  • Advice on tax aspects, which can sometimes make hundreds of euros of difference
  • Fair rates: You pay the same rate for a mediator and get the expertise of a divorce specialist
  • Professional guidance for parents and for children

  • Focused on a win-win situation, paying attention to the interests of both.
  • A smooth process in which I guide you from A to Z in the divorce process
  • Control over the outcome remains with you

Divorce specialist and financial customization

As a divorce specialist I offer you support in the process through the method of mediation, where there is attention to both your wishes, interests and needs. A fair process with a fair outcome, which you yourself retain control over. A regular mediator may not provide financial advice.

With professional training as a divorce specialist, I have all the knowledge to provide you with financial and tax advice. As a divorce specialist, I offer you financial customization that can save hundreds of euros every month from a fiscal point of view. There is a lot to consider with a divorce, and I can help you by providing a clear, structured and well-arranged process.

Divorce and children

For children, the divorce of their parents is often very intense. I worked as an educator for 12 years and had a lot to do with parents and children in divorce. Children often feel they have to choose and do not want to “complain” because they see that the parents are also struggling.

Good communication between parents is in the interest of the children, which is why I support you in making a good parental arrangement. Here too I offer customization and I pay attention to the interests of both you and the children. For example I can help with how to tell the children about the divorce.

A good relationship separated?
It is possible!

You remain in control within the divorce process. Together with the interests, wishes and needs of everyone, I support you in making mutual agreements. Would you like to pursue a "win-win" situation together? Then contact me!
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Hilde Berkers
mediator & divorce specialist

Free e-book 'How do you tell the
children that you are getting a divorce'

A divorce is difficult for the parents but can maybe even more difficult for the children. Download my ebook with tips & tricks on how to tell your children about the divorce

'In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity'

Albert Einstein

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Mediation in advance

Before or during the cohabitation or marriage, I can help make good agreements with each other and discuss what is important to you for the marriage, which is a good investment to give your relationship or marriage a greater chance of success! You can read how this works here.

Customization and mediation

In addition to mediation and making good agreements together, Divorce Specialist Amsterdam offers tailor-made financial services. Striving for an optimal financial situation for both and a tailor-made parental arrangement in the presence of children.

Children within the divorce

A divorce often has a major impact on the family, on parents but also on the children.
Divorce Specialist Amsterdam pays a lot of attention to the children.
The aim is of course that the children will look back on this period with pride.